Where Philosophy Is A Game

What is Cogito?

Cogito is a fast-paced debate game designed to combine elements of popular games such as Uno, Magic the Gathering, and classic party games. In the game, each player assembles a team of charismatic philosophers from across time and space for the ultimate philosophical showdown. In order to win, a player needs skill, foresight, cunning, and a little bit of luck. Each player puts together their team and battles for honor, glory, and control of the truth!

Each Cogito card is designed to have different crazy, fun, and occasionally mean abilities while representing and reflecting actual people and subjects within philosophy. The game balances a charming trio of gags, competitiveness, and intellectual ability. Players will experience game-play that quickly switches between moments of serious deliberation about the meaning of life to sudden requests to employ funny accents, all in one turn.

Instead of forcing education onto players, Cogito emphasizes embedded learning that occurs organically through the playing of the game. Though the game is designed first and foremost to be fun, it contains a great deal of educational potential and content…but it’s up to the individual player to decide how to bring it out. Each card reflects the theory or person it is named after and has a QR code on its backside that can be scanned with any smart phone. This code will take the player straight to either the online archives or to the encyclopedia of philosophy, where he/she can delve deeper into the concepts.

Even players uninterested in learning philosophical theories will still gain critical thinking and debating skills from the game, because these are precisely what is needed to take down the opposing teams. Cogito will not only teach you where your best friends stand on important issues, it will teach you where you stand.